As South African citizens, we can all play our part in the fight against crime. Telkom Group has partnered with Advance Call to bring you an anti-fraud and corruption Hotline that is open to Telkom Group employees and the public.

#Vulumlomo | Speak Up

Don’t stay quiet if you see any wrongdoing – tell us about criminal activity so that we can take action! Because when illegal activity affects Telkom, it affects everyone. Illegal activity could be:


Destruction of payphones or other outdoor infrastructure


The stealing of cables or solar panels


Deception related to payment, subscription or our network


Deliberate actions taken to weaken the Telkom network

To report any acts, you can contact the Telkom Hotline through the following channels:

Telkom Hotline:
0800 124 000

Visit the Be Honest website

Add us on WhatsApp
at 081 222 5999

Drop us an email at

Send an SMS
to 48691

Send a post to Address:
BNT165, Brooklyn Square, 0075

The Hotline is open 24/7 and you will receive a reference number for future correspondence. Please note that you can choose to remain anonymous.

Step-by-step process of the Telkom Hotline reporting mechanism:

Contact the Telkom Hotline using any of the channels listed above.

Make a report. You may choose to remain anonymous. Remember to include Who-How-What-Where-When-Value.

Ensure that you obtain a reference number for future correspondence. Keep this confidential.

Your report is sent to the relevant section of Telkom Group.

By using your reference number, you may request for feedback through any of the listed whistle-blowing channels.

Fraud prevention and detection starts with me.

#Vulumlomo | Speak Up